6 Key Pieces for a Rustic Tuscan Living Room



TimeLessDiscount15off 6 Key Pieces for a Rustic Tuscan Living Room

To have an authentic style Retro Italian Living Room. Go with these pieces to help give your home decor the flavor of Tuscany!

Painting – Walls and Ceilings

Use earth tones. Stick to colors like Rust, Goldenrod and Moss green, with a splash or Forest and Dark Lilac for surprise.

Terra Cotta / Stone Pots

One large and one medium sized can do wonders to giving your living room, a charming Italian style feel. Don’t feel tied to go with the Terra Cotta, somewhat worn old stone pots, will give your living room the same feel.

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Instead of a large sofa go for two small wooden benches with warm natural fiber cushions. If you decide to go for a traditional sofa, think structured leather in Brown or Sienna for a true Tuscan home decor feel.

Natural Light

Unfortunately, no where else in the world, do you find light like you do in Italy. There’s something truly special there. You can however give your home that same warm glow of eternal summer, by using sheer curtains in Pumpkin and Rust colors.


The Tuscan region is full of plants that speak Italian the way only Flora and Fauna can. Look for olives, dates, and pears. Barring being able to find these, go for aged pictures and frames that focus on those foods.

Authentic Decoration

Looking for whimsical things like glass bottles, Olive oil cans, wooden brooms, left in strategic places. It’s the small touches that can make all the difference in making your standard living room into Tuscan or Umbrian decor perfection.


AccentDiscount 6 Key Pieces for a Rustic Tuscan Living Room

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