Retro Home Decor features vintage jewel tone Ruby: part 2

Recipe Cocktail Shaker

To add a jewel infusion to your vintage decor Retro Home Decor is  focusing on jewel tones. Part 2 in the Ruby highlights for your abode: Kitchen and Dining areas in the focus. Make a cranberry mojito in this chrome looking cocktail shaker. Cocktail...
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Retro Home Decor features vintage jewel tone – Ruby

Black & Red Vintage Inspired Cabinet

If your hallway doesn't have a lot of natural light, you'll need to add at least 2 light sources per 200 sq feet of space. So as not to crowd out walking space, ceiling light will probably work best (alternately desk or cabinet top)....
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Retro Jewel Tones coming soon to Retro Home Decor

Jewel Tone lamps

Retro Home Decor says this is the season for Jewel tone colors. We’ll be posting soon on the best jewel tone picks to liven up your home in Retro style with punches of color from Garnet and Ruby, to Sapphire and Tourmaline, Topaz to...
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Decorating Walls with Retro and Vintage style – Retro Home Decor

Poster - Because Chocolate cant get you pregnant

When one thinks of decorating walls with a vintage or retro look, usually the first thing that comes to mind are original paintings. Wonderful choice, however if your budget for decorating is more in the hundreds than thousands, this can be an expensive choice....
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Antique Vintage Baby Nursery Room part 3 – Retro Home Decor

Victorian Doll House Plans

If you're looking for a Retro Decor or Vintage Antique style baby room. Post three in this series: Antique Vintage Baby Nursery Room is for you. Today we'll be looking at decorative lighting and one of the most prolific toys of Victoriana.
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Antique Vintage Baby Nursery Room part 2 – Retro Home Decor

Vintage Style Glass Cabinet Drawer Knob Flower, Set of 6

Retro Home Decor has picked 4 more items Showcasing them one at a time) that will give you the Antique vitnage style nursery that you've been looking for. Take an old dresser drawer and add antique style drawer pulls or even door knobs.
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Stay Tuned! – Antique Vintage Baby Nursery Room part 2 – Coming up this week!

Stay Tuned: Antique Vintage Baby Nursery Room part 2 – on  Retro Home is coming up this week. Click this link to read part 1. Part 2 this week!
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Antique Vintage Baby Nursery Room part 1 – Retro Home Decor

Antique Gold Retro Lamp

To get the look of a vintage baby's room, start with the walls, painting them a natural neutral color, and adding a crackle paint over it in strategic places can help give it a vintage feel. Colors like Behr's Parmesan or Cottonseed can give...
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Retro and Vintage Nursery Picks-Stay Tuned

Baby Carriage Wall Clock

We know that many people out there are proud parents, or hope to be ones soon. And of course there are those that have a lot of fun giving gifts to new parents. If so stay tuned the next post will be for you....
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Tip of the Day and Great Idea from Retro Home Decor: Vintage Books

Vintage Books - Retro Home Decor

If you're especially going towards a look from the Turn of the Century through 1940s.
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1930s Art Deco Bathroom – Retro Home Decor

Deco Style Towels - RetroHomeDe Switching off from the teapots for a little while at Retro Home, let’s take a look at some lovely 1930s Art Deco inspired pieces for your bathroom. If you like the sophisticated lines and look of Art Deco and want the perfect...
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