Retro Vintage Teapots for Kitchen and Living Room: Retro Home Decor for Literature Ladies Part 2

Teapot Tea for One Corinthians - Retro Home Decor This wasn’t going to be a Retro Home Decor series initially but I’ve decided that I will make it one, simply because of my love of teapots. What I intend to do is write a little story about each teapot, or shall I...
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Retro Vintage Teapots – Kitchen and Living Room – Retro Home Decor for Literature Ladies

Teapot - Lenox Vintage Jewel Platinum Banded Bone China - retro home If you’re a lover of vintage literature ladies be they authors or characters such as as Wharton, Bronte, Tess of the d’Ubervilles, Jane Austen, Catherine Moreland, Miss Marple or any others you probably have a thing for books, teapots and lace. We’re going...
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Rockabilly Living Room – Retro Home Decor Suggestions Part 3

Crosley Jukebox - Looking beyond lamps and clocks, let’s see what other cool Retro Home Decor finds we’ve found for our Rockabilly Living Room. In order to keep the flavor of the genre and 1950s era, we have to continue with a color scheme that brings...
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Rockabilly Living Room – Retro Home Decor Suggestions – Part 2

Clock - Atomic Ball Wall Clock -

With Ideas likes these, you'll be on your way to a Rockabilly living room in no time. Stay tune for part 3, where we move on to some of the final pieces, to get the living room with the Retro Home Decor look that...
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Rockabilly Living Room – Retro Home Decor Suggestions – Part 1

Kit Kat Clock - The last time we looked at Rockabilly, we created a cute Rockabilly 1950’s styled Kitchen. This time we’re going to swing right into a Rockabilly Living Room. Turn your normal living room, into one that can Rock around the clock with these Retro...
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How to turn your living room into a English Country Cottage!

Lamp Tiffany Style-Golden - Retro Home Decor If you’re looking for the best Retro Home Decor to make your living room into the perfect little cottage we’ll show you how. Every little girl at some time or another wants their room to look like an adorable Retro 1930’s style country...
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Retro Home Decor: Tip of the day – No Tangle Scarves

Satin Ribbon If you’re one of those people with a few dozen silk and satin scarves, you might find that keeping track of them and not getting them tangled together can be a pain if you hang them up. If you fold them and put...
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Ugly Fire Extinguisher? Throw it away! – Retro Home Decor Idea

Paper Lantern - Pink - Retro Home Decor

As useful as we know they are, fire extinguishers, fire and Monoxide detectors can really ruin the feel of your Retro inspired home. Thankfully there are a few options to make it blend in better with your retro home décor!
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This Dreamy Vintage Style French Bedroom can be Yours! – French Boudoir Decor

Pillow - Belgian Ephemera A Retro French bedroom design this gorgeous isn’t just for the rich and possibly famous. Regular people can have such beautiful French bedroom décor as well without breaking the bank. From French bedding to wall decorations, we’ll show you have to have a...
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Get these 5 retro home decor items for a 1950’s Rockabilly Kitchen

Cherries Apron

Get these 5 home decor items for a 1950’s Rockabilly Kitchen! One o’clock, 2 o’clock, 3 o’clock…Rockabilly! You’ve ended your countdown and now is the time to start on creating your dream kitchen in true Rockabilly style. Don’t worry, we’re here to show you how...
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Why you need these 3 pieces for an Authentic 1930’s Retro Wall

Kenroy Endicott Sconce

Are you stumped for the best Retro Wall Décor to give off that perfect 1930s vintage flavor? We know the feeling, you have a plain wall in your house and you really need to give it a personality. You add art deco pieces all...
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