Retro Home Decor: Tip of the day – No Tangle Scarves


If you’re one of those people with a few dozen silk and satin scarves, you might find that keeping track of them and not getting them tangled together can be a pain if you hang them up.

If you fold them and put the in a drawer, have fun folding them again as you look though the pile for one.

Here’s a simple and  cute way to add a bit of Retro Home Decor to your abode. Find the prettiest satin ribbon you have, preferable 1/2″ (1.27cm) in width or less, the length you cut will depend on your scarf length and size, but it’s generally safe to say that 18″ (45.7 cm)  works for silk or satin scarves between 2′ and 2.5′ (61cm and 76.2cm) with a width of no more than 12″ (30.5cm).

Now wrap the scarf around your fist, remove it still holding it tightly in your hand, wrap the ribbon around and back, and tie  it in a bow.

Stick about 5-10 of these in a small basket or glass bowl. Voila! Simple, easy an cute!

Satin Ribbon 300x222 Retro Home Decor: Tip of the day   No Tangle Scarves

Satin Ribbon Colors 300x71 Retro Home Decor: Tip of the day   No Tangle Scarves

Depending on the color and style of ribbon your choose, this give can give your decor a Parisian French look, Americana Country, Victorian Fashionable or 1950‘s chic. Inexpensive, home decor!

For a little extra flair, use two and three ribbons in complementing shades, per scarf.

This works for stockings and pantyhose and slippery silky nighties as well!

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